The Garden Spot Cafe
 124 W. Water St.
Plymouth, NC  27962

(252) 793-3600

Mon - Fri., 11 am-2 pm
Thu & Fri  Reopens 5-8pm

Sunday...Open 11:30 - 2 for
our 'Taste-the-World Specials!

Upstairs Steamer Bar
Wed & Thurs., 5 pm-9 pm
Fri & Sat., 5 pm-10pm
Welcome to the Garden Spot Café
& Upstairs Steamer Bar
Meet friends, discuss business or plan a quiet get-away for you and your spouse at Downtown Plymouth NC's Garden Spot Cafe!

The coffee is ground fresh everyday to accompany home-style cookin' or new favorites like wraps. And every Sunday offers a new adventure with 'Round-the-World specials!

There's something for every taste preference: Fried Oyster Salad, hot and cold pasta dishes, cut-to-order rib-eyes, smothered chicken and fried boneless pork chops specials. The micro green salad mixes are tender-crisp and colorful and the wraps are grilled, crispy and filled with healthy, delicious ingredients. And the list goes on! 

By the time you top it all off with a decadent dessert, you'll already be thinking about what to order on your next visit. There are just so many great choices!

Families, business people, locals and travelers love the friendly atmosphere and down-home experience at The Garden Spot Café.  Join them there, today!

Ask about our beer and wine list and about opportunities for special occasions, too!